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Call for works: Exhibition

Edition steirischer herbst (parallel program)

Bathing in the crowd is going to be taboo for a long time to come, as social distancing becomes the new order of the day. 

Responding to the COVID-19 lockdown, Schaumbad - Freies Atelierhaus Graz has divided its 200 sqm exhibition space into a strict grid of 15 squares, within which artists from the Schaumbad-studios and their surrounding started to present their current works at an appropriate distance from others. The "1st wave" was launched in the middle of July.

The 3rd wave will be part of the Parallel Program of steirischer herbst ´20 (www.steirischerherbst.at). For this, we invite artists to send images, descriptions and concepts of their works done in the time of isolation, or referring to this situation and its effects. A jury will choose up to 17 works for the show.

The exhibition „Badeverbot" deals with enforced restrictions and their effects. The exhibition space is thus likewise locked into a grid pattern. The squares are like windows in a facade, which can be opened by viewers to afford them a glimpse into the inner state of things.

The grid is fixed, but the contents are variable and can be exchanged at any time. This results in an exhibition that is constantly in flux, with a steady stream of changing works. 
Each new addition is documented photographically, and the photo then placed on a square of the correspondingly modified website.
We are looking forward to receiving descriptions of your work, cv and portfolio (or a link to former works) via email to schaumbad@mur.at.
Deadline: 21.08.2020.

Please note, that each work has a space of maximum 10 m2 (107,64 square feet). Some squares include walls, some not. The room is mostly 7 meters (23 feet) high.
In regard to shipping costs, works should not be too heavy or bulky. There will be monitors, video projectors and computers available for digital works.

The jury meets in the end of August, we will announce the results at the beginning of September.
All chosen works will be shown in the space, and presented on the new website of Schaumbad. 
We can not take production costs, but we pay for shipping, and there will be a (modest) fee.
Program coordinators: Alexandra Gschiel, Andrea Sadjak, Eva Ursprung
Exhibition: 24.9.–16.10.2020
Tue–Sun 14:00–19:00

Supported steirischer herbst ’20


participating artists:

Call for works: Exhibition