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Shifting Baselines

Exhibition, Performances

Opening: Wednesday June 21, 7 p.m.
Es spricht: Kulturstadtrat Dr. Riegler

Performances: Keyvan Paydar (IRN/AT) featuring works by Mihael Francic and Ita Kosovic (HR), Igor F. Petkovic (AT)...
Moderation: Karl Grünling

Exhibition: Elisabeth Gschiel (AT) / Eva Itzlinger (AT) / Andre Kratzer (AT) / Franz Konrad (AT) /  Lebenslaute (DE) / Stefan Lozar (AT) / Christof Neugebauer (AT) / Tanja Ostojic (SRB/DE) / Niki Passath (AT) / Shir Leib (ISR) / Karin Petrowitsch (AT) / Stroblak (AT), studio Asynchrome (AT) / Eva Ursprung (AT) / Martha Wilson (USA) / Franz Xaver (AT)

Open from 22.6. to 9.7.2017, Tuesday until Sunday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The world stands upside down. Fences are built, but this is not sufficient anymore, a wall is needed. People are locked out, deported. The last alluvial forests are cut down, pipelines poison our water. Extremists of all sorts ignite bombs, policemen shoot children of colour... Every day a new horror story. And every day yesterday`s news seem to be less devastating, because the news of today are even worse, and this condition slowly becomes normality. Our reverence system adapts to the actual condition.

Shifting Baseline is a scientific term, established by restoration ecologists. It describes the phenomena, that the reference points (baselines) used to measure changes in a system, slowly shift over time, and the current status - no matter how good or bad it is - thus becomes the yardstick for normality.

In tedious processes, democracies have been developed in the Western world. Women`s Rights have been achieved, borders broke down, racism and nationalism have been put in their place. But somewhere in the middle oft he way, that trend has reversed - at least for one part of society, and this becomes more and more powerful. Eloquently, the return to the seemingly save harbors of old hierarchies and apparent safety is propagated. Back to a place, where the world still was „in order“, where everybody around had the same color of skin and spoke the same language. A manageable world everybody understands. With clear power structures everybody has to obey. And the more the minds of many are narrowing, the stronger becomes resistance against this creeping rollback of the nowhere near achieved.

The situation is becoming critical, many people think, and they find it unbearable. Thousands take to the streets, demonstrating, protesting against the impositions of politics and economy. Artists are ahead and in the middle of this movement. They take to the streets, get involved, intervene. With their actions, they exaggerate the new normalities in order to raise awareness of this stealthy transformation.

participating artists: Asynchrome, Christof Neugebauer, Claudia Holzer, Edda Strobl, Elisabeth Gschiel, Eva Itzlinger, Eva Ursprung, Franz Konrad, Igor F. Petković, Iris Kasper, Karin Petrowitsch, Karl Grünling, Keyvan Paydar, Niki Passath, Stefan Lozar, Vesna Petkovic, zweite liga für kunst und kultur

Shifting Baselines
Martha WilsonNiki PassathLebenslauteChristof Neugebauer